3dmedisphere is one of the leading providers for
photorealistic 3d anatomy models

We are a team of passionate 3D artists and medical professionals creating visually appealing anatomy models.

With years of experience in the field, we are here to deliver comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing 3D models for all uses.

We put hundreds of hours into tailoring the nuances of our models to create high quality products for the market. We strive to be flexible to meet the needs of all our clients. Our passion and dedication are reflected in each model, and our clients love us for it.

We provide finished models, modification work, and custom models on demand.

Feel free to check our Turbosquid account: 3dmedisphere where we offer more than 400 models in 3D.

If you require any custom models or modified versions of the available 3D models, get in touch with us.